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2020 Sichuan International Medical & Epidemic Prevention Materials Expo



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2020年8月27-28日,杭州国际博览中心,中山市赛夫特劳保有限公司重磅亮相 “2020杭州国际防疫物资博览会”,欢迎届时莅临H71/72号展位,参观、交流、洽谈!微信图片_20200813104128.jpg

中山市赛夫特劳保用品有限公司创建于2003年,坐落在美丽的名人之都中山市,主要生产防护口罩。公司有3个口罩厂房,100多条产线,设备先进,日产能300万个口罩,其中杯型带阀口罩日产能100万个。公司自建熔喷布生产车间,使用先进熔喷布生产设备,日产能达3吨左右,其中进口熔喷布机器生产符合欧标FFP3级别的熔喷布,日产量达1.5吨左右,国产设备生产KN95级别的熔喷布,日产量达1.5吨左右。公司配有检测室,能检测口罩过滤效率、呼吸阻力、呼吸阀气密性以及口罩带拉力等项目,熔喷布每一卷都进行抽检合格后方可投入车间使用,口罩成品每批次都抽检合格方可出仓。公司已通过国际ISO9001-2015质量体系认证,产品获得LA(国家安全标志认证)证书,BSI的CE认证以及西班牙NB机构颁发的FFP2 CE认证。

公司品牌“安之”是国内外工业防护口罩行业的著名品牌。产品符合中国GB2626-2006 KN95、KP95等标准、符合欧盟EN149:2001+A1:2009   FFP2、9 FFP的标准。公司有进出口贸易权,在中国海关有备案登记海关编号。4月16日,美国海关抽查120多个品牌口罩,仅有38家检测合格,“来安之”口罩是第8个抽检并且合格的口罩品牌。




Established in 2003 and settled in the beautiful city of Zhongshan,Zhongshan Saifute Labor Protective Articles Co., Ltd. is specialized in making protectiverespirators. The company   has three cleanand tidy workshops and advanced equipment with a team of advanced professionalmanagement and technical staffs. The daily production capacity is 3 millionmasks, including 1 million cup shape masks with valve. The company has builtits own production workshop producing melt-blown fabric, using water columnmachine imported from Taiwan, which produces melt-blown fabric in accordancewith European standard FFP3 grade, with a daily output of about one ton. Thecompany is equipped with a testing room, which can test the filter efficiency,respiratory resistance, air tightness of the breathing valve and tension of themask strap, etc. The melt-blown can be put into the workshop only after eachroll is sampled and qualified, and the finished masks can be shipped only aftereach batch is sampled and qualified.

The company has passed theinternational ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, the product hasobtained the LA (National Safety mark certification) certificate, the BSI CEcertificate and the Spanish notify body 0370 issued the FFP2 CE certificate.

The company's own brand "Laianzhi" is a famous brand inthe industrial respirator industry at home and abroad. The masks manufacturedby the company are made of high-quality filter materials of European. Saifute insists on the corporationspirit of “sincerity, promise, study and innovation”, thanks to the efforts ofall staffs, “Laianzhi” protective respirator has earned high reputation, andhas developed into the famous brand in the domestic and foreign industry. The respiratorapplies European Standard FFP2 and FFP3 filtering materials, and meets the Chineseand European standards such as GB2626-2006 KN90, KN95, KP90 and KP95, EN1492001+A1:2009 FFP2EN1492001+A1:2009 FFP3. The company has the licence to import and exporttrade, and has the customs number registered for the record at the Chinesecustoms. On April 16, the US customs randomly inspected more than 120 brands ofmasks, but only 38 of them passed the test. Laianzhi mask is the 8th mask brandthat has been sampled and qualified.

The company keeps promise when cooperating with the domestic andforeign clients, especially is constantly improving the product and servicequality, developing new products. The efforts of the staffs have also earnedacceptance from clients, and the sales volume of the company increases steadilywith the distributors covers Japan, Singapore, Middle East and domestic cities.

We are sincerely serving clients,and both the new and old clients are warmly welcome to our company. Once yougive us an opportunity, we will return you with a pleasant surprise.2020杭州防疫展企业专属邀请函-赛夫特_画板 1(2).jpg大图1.png大图2.png